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Goldschmidt 2023 Luncheon Workshop 

Nanoscale Geo & Cosmochemistry with Atom Probe Tomography

Where: Room R14 Building B Level 1, Goldschmidt 2023, Lyon, France 

When: Thursday 13 July, 13:00 - 14:00

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  • APT investigation of iron meteorites by Frederic Danoix, GPM/CNRS/Université de Rouen, France
    This presentation will illustrate the potential of APT for the investigation of meteoritic irons, covering various phases/regions, such as tetrataenite (ordered L10 FeNi), cloudy zones (CZ) and plessitic/martensitic structure characterization at the nanometer scale, as well as the specimen preparation issue.



  • Three-dimensional Nanoscale Microscopy of Geological Materials with Atom Probe Tomography by David Reinhard, CAMECA
    In recent years APT has been applied to a variety of terrestrial and extraterrestrial samples (McCarroll, et al. 2022). This talk will review key examples of APT analysis of geological materials and provide an overview of the APT technique


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